Welcome to SAYGI Academic Association


  • saygi-academics-association-logoSAYGI Academics, Canadian Turkish Academics Association is a Federal professional association established by a group of Canadian Turkish academicians to promote educational and scientific partnerships and exchange between Canada and other countries all over the World.
  • SAYGI Academics Association means Respect that represents the core value of the association as the goals of the association are based on the principle of respect for human rights to education, scientific knowledge as well as intellectual and socio-economic development.
  • Saygi Academics Association is a non-profit and a non-political organization working for exclusively scientific, charitable and educational purposes. To achieve its goals.
  • SAYGI Academics Association organizes a wide range of academic activities e.g. lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, academic dinners/luncheons, research awards and contests, academic networking trips etc.
  • SAYGI Academics Association helps and mentoring successful students, post doc candidate and academic job seeker to find best option in CANADA.